Oh hey,

I’ve been super busy working on something special. Meanwhile I’ve discovered my new signature scent and I had to share it with you!

Behold, Dolce and Gabanna L’Imperatrice 3 a.k.a The Empress.
The collection The D&G Anthology was inspired by tarot cards and their marks, Each fragrance intends to be unisex. But L’Imperatrice on the other hand, I beg to differ.

The pretty pink fluid in the simple yet classic clear bottle looks perfect on my dressing table, it truly is all about what’s on the inside and D&G knew exactly what they were doing while putting this range together.

It has fresh scents of watermelon, grapefruit wood, kiwi fruit, strawberries, pomegranate (is your mouth watering yet?) jasmine, pink cyclamen and musk. Its soft, but not weak. Smells sexy, but not cheap. I try to avoid extra fragrant body washes to get the best out of this perfume. The smell definitely projects throughout the day, for the first hour I smell like watermelon and it gradually fades to a light grapefruit scent. I definitely can’t compare this to anything I’ve ever worn, and before this I was wearing different Victoria’s Secret mists on rotation. The difference, the lasting power is remarkable. 💕

I would highly recommend this to anyone, (and by anyone I mean all sexes) who love fruity scents and don’t mind smelling like a delicious fruit salad all day.
This is perfect for the European summer, and perfect for the cooler winter days too.

Have you tried any of the D&G anthology fragrances?

P.S I’m living for my rose gold nails, any suggestions on what colour I should try next?

Shannyn x


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