Modern Renaissance

I’ve been obsessing over this palette for a while now. When Norvina posted it on Instagram i was intimidated yet intrigued by the rich fuchsia and berry shades in the palette. See, i’ve  always had a thing for browns and neutrals. As soon as I had seen that she included a mauve and a burgundy shade, i had to have it! I was sold almost instantly and had to snap one up off their website real quick so i can begin creating looks of my own.



Unlike the rest of Anastasia Beverly hills eye shadow palettes, this one was all hand picked and created to perfection by Norvina. She spent her vacation in Ibiza reviewing shades and sending notes back to the lab. It truly shows her dedication and her passion for the creation of makeup. Like the name, the pallete was inspired by renaissance art.


The palette itself cost $52 AUD. All up it was $80 posted, so this is an expensive palette, but it’s one of a kind. And with the colour payoff it provides proves that it’s worth every dollar. You just need to touch your brush (rather than swirl) in the pan and BANG! suuuper pigmented. The formula is so soft, so i would recommend to use this with a light hand if you want to make the most if it.


The packaging is so lush. It has a plush fabric on the outside and feels amazing when you slide your fingers across it. Although best believe if you’re not careful, it’s gonna get dirty real quick. IT Cosmetics made an identical plush outer fabric on their naturally pretty palette and mine went from looking baby pink to a dirty pink. The best way to avoid staining this palette is to fold it over and always have clean hands while using it. Mine is still in pretty good condition and im doing my best to keep it that way! because this palette will be difficult to clean once it has been stained.


TEMPERA – Velvetty Beige with an ultra matte finish. Tempera is actually known as a painting medium used in renaissance art, This shade is amazing. It looks matte yet has the most sheer shimmer to it.
GOLDEN OCHRE – Earthy yellow with an Ultra Matte finish. This makes a great transition shade and also looks amazing buffed out on top of a smokey eye.

RAW SIENNA – Neutral Amber with an Ultra Matte finish, one of my go to transition shades.
BURNT ORANGE – Deep Orange with an Ultra Matte Finish, I use this as my first transition shade, i do like to mix this with Raw Sienna.
VERMEER – Iridescent Shell with a Metallic Finish. Vermeer is one of my most favorite artists. I discovered his artwork while staying in Amsterdam. I bought a print of his artwork called “Girl with the pearl earring” I was breathless by how stunning and beautiful she is and how the artist captured her beauty on canvas. This shade reminds me of her pearl earrings. It makes an amazing lid, brow bone and inner corner highlight shade.

BUON FRESCO – Antique lavender with an Ultra Matte finish. The perfect mauve. Did you know if you pick up a denser brush the shade comes out a lot darker? I love using this to make my eye socket look bigger.
ANTIQUE BRONZE – Metallic Sable with a Satin Finish, this reminds me so much of star violet by MAC but with more bronze.
LOVE LETTER – Raspberry with a ultra Matte finish. At fist i was like “what am i going to do with you?” then i realized a genius move. Layer this on top of a brown eyshadow to create a burgundy hue.
CYPRUS UMBER – Dark Coffee With an Ultra Matte finish. This is perfect to smoke out on the lid and under the eyes. Deepen the crease and buff out into your outer corners.

PRIMAVERA – Shimmery Gold Dust with a Metallic Finish. This is a stunning champagne gold. You can even use this as a highlighter!
RED OCHRE – Sienna With an Ultra Matte finish. The shade i was truly looking forward too. Its amaze, its badass. that is all.
VENETIAN RED – Crimson with an Ultra Matte finish. I never thought i could create a look with this shade but i was wrong! If you’re daring enough, wear this on the lid and buff it out with a clean blending brush to create a gorgeous smokey eye.
WARM TAUPE – Earthy Grey with an Ultra Matte Finish. LOVE this shade! I reach for it the most. I use it as transition and even alone for a simple smokey eye.
REALGAR – Brick With an Ultra Matte finish. I immediately thought of my Morphe 35O palette, but they don’t compare! formula is everything you guys.


So as you can tell, i think this palette is life. I use it everyday and when it runs out, best believe i’m buying another.

What are your thoughts on this palette? would love to hear what you think.

Ciao for now x


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