Cranberry Smoke


It’s been hard for me to find the perfect burgundy eyeshadow. What I didn’t consider was mixing different shadows to create my very own perfect burgundy smokey eye.

Modern Renaissance plays a big part in this look. I’m not too confident with naming dupes but this palette is permanent and amazing. To read more about Modern Renaissance check out my last post dedicated to this beauty.

Processed with MOLDIV


1. I use burnt orange as my transition shade.

2. I then go over burnt orange with love letter, I leave a little bit of orange visible at the top to create a warm gradient effect.

3. I then pack venatian red on my lid and slowly blend it out, working my way over love letter.

4. To create the aunthentic burgundy look, I use red ochre and pack it all over the lid on top of Venetian red.

5. To brighten my eyes, I used Vermeer as an inner corner highlight.

and there you have it! The perfect fall smokey eye. This look will suit eyes of all colour, same goes for skin tone too. Be bold and wear all black to stand out with this killer makeup look 😍

Ciao for now x


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