The Holy Grail Palette

So, it’s been my misfortune that I’ve just so happened to miss out on every one of the last couple releases of the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette. The moment I saw the new and improved packaging posted all over social media I was determined to get my hands on this baddie. Despite the release time being 1pm PST in the states, translating to 4am in Brisbane, Australia time (talk about dedicated, right?!)


The palette was $70 AUD. I was lucky enough to skip the hefty shipping costs by having it sent to my brother in law in North Carolina. He just came back early last week. I swear it felt like it was Christmas, and I just received the big ass pony I begged Santa via letter for. So let’s talk about packaging.


This palette houses the potted colours in a sturdy cardboard like material. The outside of the case gradients from the colours burgundy eventuating to a dark navy blue, covered over with an iridescent finish (Think Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Moon child palette’s packaging). There is a large mirror inside the palette which makes this perfect for travelling. Now, down to the stars of the show; the shades.



First of all; all i can say is WOW. This palette has almost every shade i could ever want in one palette. They are all warm tones, which is totally my jam. The Instagram photos alone may have some people’s mouths watering over the 20 irresistible shades. The photos really do not do this palette any justice. They are all super pigmented, buttery and smooth. What i love is that this is the kind of palette that picks up a ton of pigment with one dip of a brush. (Think Anastasia Beverly Hill’s eye shadow’s and makeup geek). The Holy Grail palette is infused with Jojoba oil and is cruelty free so that another added bonus. Now let’s get down to detail.


  • CRYSTAL – a light champagne gold with a satin finish. A super gorgeous highlight shade. Perfect to use as a Brow bone & inner corner highlight.
  • PLOOF – a light shimmery pale pink with a satin finish. I tend to use pink based shimmers for my inner corner highlights as opposed to a champagne shimmer. (For personal preference)
  • THANKS A LATTE – a cool toned bone with a matte finish. A shade like this is a must have in my palettes. Simply to set my eyeshadow base and to help blend all the other colours seamlessly. I tend to dip in this shade rather than swish and rub to avoid it from applying chalky and so I don’t hit pan so quickly!
  • TRANSITION – a soft brown with a matte finish. The name speaks for itself. The perfect shade to layer other shadows on top or wear on its own for a soft natural no-makeup-makeup look.
  •  HASHTAG – a Burnt Orange with a matte finish. This reminds me a lot of realgar from the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette. I love incorporating this shade with my smokey eyes. It works well with almost any coloured smokey eye you can think of.
  •  AWESOME SAUCE – a peachy metallic bronze with a satin finish. This can appear to be subtle on the eyes, but can also be amplified when applied wet of course.
  • BESTIE – a soft brown with peach undertones and a matte finish. Another staple transition shade. It’s not as warm as Transition which is a nice option to have.
  • TOFFEE – a burnt orange bronze with gold sparkles and a foiled finish. This shade is hella pigmented. I love using this to create halo eyes!
  • CHILL – a soft bronze with a foiled finish. Swatch-wise, Toffee and Chill kind of look the same, but on the eye, they’re totally different. Chill is lighter but still silky smooth, pigmented and blended well.
  • HOW U DOIN – a burnt rose gold with a foiled finish. I always love adding anything Rose gold to my stash and I’m so happy they’ve incorporated it in into this palette. The finish is super smooth, pigmented and finely milled.
  • BAT MY EYES – a dark bronze brown with a foiled finish. I’m obsessed with this shade, it shows up on the eyes beautifully and doesn’t budge for 8 hours.
  • COOL BEANS – looks like a metallic mauve in its pan, however, swatches like a bronze. I love shades that underestimate me like this. I wasn’t ready. It’s beautiful!
  •  R U KITTEN ME – a medium brown with brick undertones and a matte finish. I love, LOVE mixing shades like this with black smokey eyes.
  •  SO JELLY – pink duo chrome. How cute is this name? This shade applies sheer but can be built up with a wet synthetic brush. Reminds me of Urban decays Flame thrower.
  •  ON FLEEK – a burnt red brown with a metallic finish. The name truly speaks for itself.
  •  BROWNIE POINTS – a dark brown with a matte finish. Because we can always use another brown eyeshadow.
  •  TEDDY BEAR – a matte dark brown with the slightest berry undertone. Out of all the browns, this one will probably hit pan first. It’s my fave ❤️
  •  GLAMPING – a warm metallic brown with bronze undertones. Glamping was a tough cookie! Staying power isn’t the greatest but a great tip is to spray your synthetic brush with urban decays all nighter and you’re good to go 👌🏼
  •  CRANBERRY SPLASH – a warm berry red with a metallic finish.  Reminds me of Venetian red from Anastasia’s Modern Renaissance.
  •  WINE N DINE – a vibrant cranberry matte. Not going to lie, this shade was 9/10 of the reasons why I bought the palette. I live for cranberry smokey eyes and the colour payoff is insane.


And that’s all the shades. The eye shadow pans are fairly large so you do get your money’s worth in my opinion. What would have made this palette complete would be a matte black shade. But I’m not complaining, Noir from ABH is my fave go to for black eye shadow. Even though this is listed as a “professional” palette i would recommend this to beginners who have the money to spend and of course to every other makeup junkie out there.

I will be posting some step by step makeup looks very soon.

What looks from this palette would you like to see? Leave a comment below.


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